Coming Up in 2014

Gallery One
March 3rd to 16th
First Thursday 6th March

Gallery One
March 3rd to 16th
First Thursday 6th March
Andres Koort

Footsteps of Chaos amid Order

There is something quintessentially Estonian about the art of Andres Koort. It is subtle, introverted, sparse in colour, sometimes even dour and sombre in appearance. However, it would be useless to try to take his paintings on face value – it takes time to appreciate them for what they really are.

Koort is a meditative, thorough and highly technical artist. For him subtleties and halftones are equally as important as the perfection of execution. In today’s art world that often translates as old fashioned and boring, but in my opinion not so in Koort’s case. One could say he is one of those “old souls” keeping the art scene sane and grounded, while others may explore avenues that are more outrageous and experimental. Or so it would seem.

Yet Random Steps demarks a new era in Andres Koort’s oeuvre – a transition to more youthful and dynamic way of painting. He is still fairly monochrome and carefully balanced in use of colour, but also plays with factures, using glue, multiple layers of fabric and even clay to enhance the effect; and most importantly his own footprints as a seemingly random pattern on the canvases.


Gallery Two
March 12th
Kingston University Fine Arts Group Show

Is the work of an artist a purely natural act or one that is created with a planned agenda? Where is the line drawn between the extension of the creator and the reaction of the viewer? Do any of us truly see things the same way?

"In the act of creation we are forced to ask what the position of reality is in our work, even in the transfer of a landscape into a painting the artist will take liberties with reality where it is with something physical as colour or emotional as the story. In ‘No Artificial Colours’ a group of artists present their work together in a playful mix of medias and on a range of themes that display their perception of the reality in their work."


Gallery Two
1st to 8th May

Non-Static Depiction addresses the concept of folklore as well as traditional craft and design in the work of contemporary artists. Inspired by local traditions from the Turkish region of Sivas, the project encourages the exploration of local craft and design practices within a contemporary framework. The title of this project is taken from the Joseph Kosuth essay “The Artist as Anthropologist”, in which Kosuth describes how an artist, as opposed to a disengaged scientist/anthropologist, has the ability to be immersed in a researched culture and affect it. Artistic activity, as praxis, does not function as a detached overview of culture but a socially mediating and engaged activity. Using this as a starting point, the two exhibiting artists have conducted research-orientated projects in the Turkish region of Sivas, seeking to create new artworks in response to the local culture and traditions of the region.

The Non-static Depiction exhibition is curated by Katarzyna Sobucka.

The project is produced in partnership with Merja Brinon from The Artists’ Association of Lapland (Rovaniemi), and it’s part of the TANDEM Turkey-European Union Cultural Managers Exchange Programme.

The project gratefully acknowledge the support of the Arts Council England and the Frame Foundation

May Pop-up for First Thursday
Awaiting Details
May Gallery One
May 6th-7th

Pruning young apple trees

In this exhibition six artists from Chelsea College of Art and Design come together to display works which investigate primarily the theme of concealment and decontextualizing subject matter, sometimes leading to unusual or even unsettling outcomes. With a strong emphasis on the relationship between personal memory and shared association, seemingly ordinary forms or actions are subverted to create an entirely new visual language which references history, craft, domesticity and the subconscious.

2nd to 8th
First Thursday 5th June

June 21st
One Day Only

An exhibition featuring the work of 15 emerging artists from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, LATENCY offers a multilayered insight into the individual efforts and standpoints of several young, charismatic visionaries. Approaching the contemporary art world through a variety of modes of interpretation, the artists of LATENCY burst into the forefront, naked yet empowered, delivering perspectives that promise to dually unsettle and mystify the audience. As it can be ascertained, the exhibited works are products of rough and raw ingenuity – unformed, imperfect, they are the manifestation of nascent envoys pronouncing new developments across the Art community.

Galleries 1+2
30th June to 5th July
First Thursday 3rd

Huddersfield University Contemporary Art degree show

Name of Exhibition: CITED: C2749Y


Exhibition Statement: CITED:C2749Y pin-points plurality, bringing the twenty-two artists’ individual practices together in a great mass of happenings, connections and contradictions. Working together as a strong studio community, the idea of the collective rings loudly throughout the show, as dialogues between the works are built and broken: Enormous brightly coloured forms command immediate attention whilst the ephemeral whispering of neighbouring sculpture refuses a definite presence. Pyschogeography film draws the viewer into an intimate journey whilst optical illusions leave the viewer suspended. Immersive environments are created through light, sound and impressive four wall projections. Other works create a thick sense of nostalgia, relentlessly pulling the viewer back through the years and into private memories. Sound pieces transcend space entirely, expanding always to elsewhere.
CITED celebrates both order and disorder, searching for, exposing and refusing links between works. As individual artworks come together within the show, the artists collaborate to create an accumulation of their developing contemporary practices. CITED witnesses the end of a communal beginning but is certainly, in no way, final.

Exhibition Website: www.cited.org.uk

Exhibition Twitter: #citedexhibition

Exhibition Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citiedc2749y

Exhibition Opening times: 30th June 2014 - 5th July 2014,    
                                              (10am- 4pm).

Gallery Two
9th July to 13th July

Fashion = Drawing
Hea J. Shin Solo Exhibition

Part 1. <Sketchbook Dress>
It is one of my Participation Fashion Design series.
A dress is completed by drawing whatever you want
in the sketchbook – a part of the dress.
The dress will be changed to a new one by tearing off
a sheet of sketchbook and making a new drawing.
The dress stimulates imagination and makes unique and
own style.
Part 2. <Fashion Drawings>
- Catwalks 2014
- Image & Fashion
My illustrations show fashion shows and images
with mixed media on papers.

Images Here

Gallery One
Seul Lee Solo Exhibition
Bye Bye Rainy City
Teru-Teru Tenshi (Sunshine Sunshine Angel)
6th to 8th
Wed. Fri. 12am-5pm

First Thursday August 7th

2nd to 7th

Gallery One
September 2nd to 7th
First Thursday 4th September
Arcane Sin


In Arcane Sin’ latest show he continues his exploration of our modern society, this time focusing on the question, what does it mean for a women to be pretty in today’s world? The show seeks to challenges the modern standards of beauty that have been imposed on women and specifically the role make-up plays in it.
Make-up was at one time considered a luxury commodity available only to the wealthy. Today, however, women have more products available to them than ever before, but increasingly less choice in how to wear it.
From billboards, commercials and consumer magazines, to all aspects of mainstream entertainment (films, music, even video games), we are all bombarded daily with rigid stereotypes of how women should look, without ever stopping to question where such narrow ideas come from and why we should conform to them.
As both an artist and a performer who wears make-up and uses it in his art Arcane Sin asks you in this show to explore yourself, to use his artworks as a mirror and ask what does it mean for you personally to be pretty? Does it mean fitting in to a social order? Does it mean looking a certain way to please others – your friends, your family, perhaps even your partners?
PRETTY will have 14 mixed media artworks incorporating in the artworks such mediums as eye shadow make-up, concealer and lip gloss from brands such as Kryolan and illamasqua.
So if you ever wondered how pretty you are, this show will give you the answer.
Arcane Sin
Arcane Sin is a London based artist that specialises in the symbolic exploration of the idea of gender the and self and how it has created the modern world through various mediums such as illustration, painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, writing and performance. He has had his photography published all around the world and has been nominated for multiple awards. His first solo show DOLLS in 2012 proved so successful that it was eventually extended. He also has had his art shown all over the UK including such galleries as The Brick Lane Gallery and The Old Truman Brewery and his work has been seen alongside such artists as Lucy Sparrow, Natasha Lawes and Charles Bronson.
As well as being a prolific artist he has also performed all around the UK including from famous venues to intimate exclusive clubs bringing his charm and lowering the tone with ease.
He also really likes Nutella.

Gallery One

Yunsun Jung
My City - part 2 'Heterotopia'

29th Sept- 2nd October
Mon - Wed : 12pm - 6pm
First Thursday 2nd October 4pm - 9pm

My work mainly considers what the role of art is and how it communicates within contemporary society. In this context, I have paid attention to the everyday lives of modern people including my own and the cities we live in.

There is no doubt that we live in a highly developed urban environment in which the quality of our lives has been supposedly improved by modern technology. In some ways, of course, this is true. Nonetheless, I feel a deep sense of emptiness. As Leibniz’s question, “why is there nothing rather than something?” implies, despite many developments within society, these changes have somehow caused a deep sense of emptiness. As such, what really is the reality of the city and the world and its system? And, what is meant by space and what causes the struggles within our shared space? Ultimately, I hope to identify the nature of our society’s system and the contradiction between the world we live in and our daily life through my art practice.

I have preferred site-specific arts continuously. I concentrate on and explore the scenes of a specific place where I stay and the phenomena and conditions observed in the scenes, and create works based on my experiences in the place. I intend to examine the identity of a specific place and read it through my practice so that art may play right functions in the city.

Currently, I have mainly used cardboard boxes as materials in my sculptural work. For me, cardboard is a metaphor to reveal our lives and the city views, and, especially, the various brand names on the boxes seem to suggest more clearly our consumption-spending pattern. Furthermore, cardboard undergoes dynamic changes and movements in its lifespan, from packing to recycling. Ultimately, in a similar way to a city, cardboard goes through an endless cycle of death and rebirth in different forms.

Much More Here at Yunson's Website



2nd to 7th

Galleries One & Two
International Residencies Programme

Awaiting Details